✉ My booking email:

By seeking a session with me you are acknowledging that you understand that I will NOT be engaging in any sexual contact with you and that any attempt made by you to procure such services will result in the immediate termination of any contact between. I am a Anna Mistress, not an escort. This means that if you approach me seeking an escort type experience I will have to decline.   In order to confirm your booking with me you must contact me. Confirmations are to be done 3 hours before our set meeting time. You must contact me to confirm session only then will you receive directions. If you don’t confirm 3 hours in advance the day of our session (unless pre-discussed) you have cancelled and my same day cancellation policy applies to you.

  I DO

Phone Sessions:

30 minutes 100 

60 minutes 200

Webcam Sessions:

15 minutes 80

30 minutes 120 

45 minutes 160

 60 minutes 250  


15 minutes 40

30 minutes 80

60 minutes 150  


Deposits:  ...For new clients I may require a deposit to secure your space on my schedule. I do not like having my time wasted and until you can show that you are reliable, I will expect you to show that you want to honor your commitments to me. This goes for both in person and online sessions.